25 Sep

Unique Labrador Names

Sparky, Spike, Fluffy, Rover, and Rex are extremely overused dog names. Your Lab deserves a unique, fun name that will be special just for him. Try to match up a name with your puppy’s personality, coat color, or something cute that he likes to do. If you find him having a cute habit, maybe you can stir up a name…

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04 Jul

Lab Dog Names for Black Labradors

Naming a new black Lab puppy?  Here is a list to jumpstart your efforts.  If you have a black Lab with a really great name, please sure to let us know as we are growing this list all the time. Email us your great black Lab names for puppies. Ace Adham Adrien Angus Annis Arlo Bagheera Bear Black Bird /…

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29 Dec

Yellow Lab Dog Names

Yellow labs range in color from almost white color to a rich golden wheat color — they all beautiful.  Here is a list of yellow lab names to help you in naming your new yellow lab puppy.  If you have a yellow lab, please drop us an email and let us know what your dog’s name is.  We are always…

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14 Apr

Lab Dog Names for Chocolate, Yellow and Black Labradors

Names are a personal preference and, like naming your children, you are the best person to name your Labrador. Think back in your life to the people and places that have been special to you. There maybe a wonderful name there.  Also, once you meet your new puppy, their personality may be the best indicator of the perfect name.  We…

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11 Jun

Labrador Puppies: Safety Issues and Naming Your Puppy

Safety You need to consider your new puppy the way you would think of a toddler. Your home must be puppy proofed. You can not watch a puppy every minute so you must make your home safe. Anything a Labrador puppy can get into, it will. Valuables must be put away. Anything on the floor such as children’s toys, shoes,…

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