Labrador Puppies: Safety Issues and Naming Your Puppy


You need to consider your new puppy the way you would think of a toddler. Your home must be puppy proofed. You can not watch a puppy every minute so you must make your home safe. Anything a Labrador puppy can get into, it will. Valuables must be put away. Anything on the floor such as children’s toys, shoes, and backpacks will be fair game for a curious puppy. Household plants and hanging electrical cords are especially dangerous. Keep the puppy away from all household chemicals and especially the soap and shampoo in the showers. (There is something in bar soap that Labradors can not resist and they will eat an entire bar of soap) I have listed just a few dangers. Look at your home very carefully and take action.

There are usually hazards in the yard too.

Be very careful with pools and ponds. ( Not all Labrador puppies come into the world knowing how to swim) Make sure that the fence and the gates are secure. Look for anything the puppy can swallow. If you have a nice lawn and special flower beds, train your puppy to stay out of them.

Naming Your Puppy

The first thing your puppy needs to learn is his name. Pick a name before you go to get your new puppy and then stick to it. Changing names will only confuse your puppy. The puppy should associate his name with something good so say the name over and over while offering food or treats. Never use the puppy’s name in a scolding manner. If you use it in a scolding manner your puppy will not respond when called.  >> Get ideas for lab dog names here.

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