Unique Labrador Names

Sparky, Spike, Fluffy, Rover, and Rex are extremely overused dog names. Your Lab deserves a unique, fun name that will be special just for him. Try to match up a name with your puppy’s personality, coat color, or something cute that he likes to do. If you find him having a cute habit, maybe you can stir up a name for him off of that. Observe your pet for a while until you choose the best name for him. Remember that it’s not good to change his name at all because he will get confused or unresponsive. Your puppy’s physical appearance can help you come up with a unique name as well. Some Labrador Retrievers, for example, otter shaped tails, clean cut heads, and innocent faces.

Here is a list of some creative and unique names that you might want to use for your new Labrador Retriever:

Air Lab – Labs are known for jumping quite high. They are great at catching things in mid-air or in the water. You will be pointing out your lab’s talents with this name.
Amazon – A great name for a lab who loves the outdoors.
Breeze – If your lab enjoys the cool breeze on a hot summer day, this is the perfect nickname for him. You can test it out by taking him out on a sunny day to play catch and see what he does when there is a cool breeze in the air.
Churo – This is a great name for a yellow colored lab.
Comeback – This name is perfect if your lab always comes back to you for more love.
Duane – This name is great for a black lab because it means “dark black” in Gaelic.
Feather – If your lab’s coat is as soft as a feather this name is perfect for him or her.
Freckles – Give this name to your lab if he has spots.
Godiva – This name is absolutely perfect for a chocolate colored lab!
Heavy – This will suit your lab if he’s more on the chubby side.
Hogan – This name is great for almost any Lab because it is greatly suitable for hyper and happy dogs.
Jerrimander – This name is wonderful for a lab who loves to go on other people’s territory.
Jubilee – Not only is this the name of a show in Las Vegas, Nevada, it is a great name for a Lab who knows how to have fun and be playful.
Nemo – after the fish in Disney’s “Finding Nemo”
Rhea – The definition for this name is “strong” or “earthy.” This name would be great for a female lab that will be breeding puppies one day.
Sinatra – This is a great name for a dog with an old soul.
Soul – This is a great name for a male or female lab. Sometimes, you can see a dog’s soul through their eyes, especially labs who have such innocent faces.
Yippee – This is a fun and energetic name for an energetic lab.
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