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Love of Labs offers you everything you need to know about Labrador breed, like facts, history and characteristics, including useful betting tips on dog racing.

Everything about Labrador Retriever Dog Breed

When it comes to dogs – Labrador retriever is one of the most popular breeds, and there are many people enjoying the fuzziness of these amazing pets everywhere in the world. However, although they are very popular, not many people know the Labrador facts and trivia, and believe us – there are a lot of Labrador facts that they need to know.

So if you are having a Labrador retriever dog, or even if you are thinking of having one, or simply if you have a love of Labs and want to know them better, you’ve come to the right place. Our love of Labs has made us do a bit of research and consult a few experts which is why we’ll give you the ultimate guide and Labrador facts that you should possibly have. Stay tuned.

History and Characteristics of Labrador Breed

The very interesting Labrador facts begin from the first moment they become famous in history – their origins. Namely, their initial ancestors originated on the island of Newfoundland, in Canada. At that time, they called them the St. John’s Water dogs, and they were mixed from numerous Irish, English and Portuguese working dog breeds, which is also why today the Labrador Retriever has a lot of strength. Some say that they’ve been bred with Mastiffs so that they’d have greater size.

Interestingly, the Labrador facts continue on, as there was a smaller short-coated St John’s Dog – or the Lesser Newfoundland, which was used for taking the nets in and out of the water for the fishermen. These dogs all had the same characteristics – the white chest, feet chin and muzzle, and basically they had the same temperament.

Today however, they are much more evolved and they are even friendlier. According to the Labrador facts, this dog, depending on its sex, can weight from 55 to 80 pounds, and can be around 23 inches long. Also, according to the Labrador facts – they come in 3 different colors – yellow, black and luscious chocolate. Regardless of the color they are, they are incredibly friendly and compassionate, which is why they bond perfectly with adults and young children as well.

Still, even if they are some of the most popular dog breeds in the world, this doesn’t change the fact that they are demanding dogs that require your time, dedication and attention. This goes specifically for their need of exercise, as they are pretty energetic.

Labrador Facts that Every Breeder Needs to Know

If you are thinking about having a retriever or breeding them, you need to be well-informed about the Labrador facts that will be of use to you besides knowing their feeding charts. We’ve done the research and we present to you the 5 important yet interesting things you should know about retrievers:

Getting fat

Although it doesn’t seem logical, especially since Labrador retriever dogs are very energetic, these are also the dogs that are most prone to being obese. Of course, this can also be because of a human error and negligence to give them enough exercise. However, if your dog is obese, you need to do something about it, as this is harmful for its health.

Great assistance dogs

Retrievers are absolutely the most popular assistance dogs to people with different disabilities. Besides this, they are also loyal and learn easily, which makes them the perfect assistance dogs for training.

Being very fast

Retrievers are dogs that are very energetic, and they can run very fast as well. According to the Labrador facts lists – they can gain speed of 12 miles per hour in less than 3 seconds

Sniffing cancer

Thanks to their powerful noses, Labrador retrievers have been trained to sniff out and identify early stages of cancer.

They love swimming

Even their ancestors were, when they retrieved the fishermen’s nets!

Labrador in Competitions and Dog Races

As we said before, retrievers are insanely fast canine animals, and this is why there are professional dog competitions and dog races. In regular dog competitions, the retrievers are evaluated on their characteristics, traits, grooming and sometimes even their medical history.

In dog races however, they are racing against other dogs, and the fastest one wins the race – just like horse racing, but more exciting for those who have love of labs.

Useful Betting Tips on Dog Racing

Besides grooming and breeding the Labrador breed for new generations and having them as friendly companions, many people now breed and train Labrador retrievers to be dog racers, which seems like the perfect thing for them to do – especially since they have so much energy. These events are very popular, and if you want to take part in such sports betting and win real money – here are the tips that you need to follow:

  1. Know where to bet

The best place to take part in sports betting is through legal online casino websites. These online casino websites are very helpful for beginners as they have in-depth odds. Also, legal online casinos offer casino bonuses like the no deposit casino bonus which is a casino bonus that lets you place a bet for free on your favorite dog, and win real money in return.

  1. Know the history

Always get informed about the past performance of the dogs you are betting on.

  1. Learn from the best

There are many dog races betters that have blogs and info to share, read and learn!

  1. Know the present

Just because a dog was good last year, doesn’t mean it is now. Know if it has been injured or if it has health problems if you want to win real money without losing too much.

  1. Make safe bets

If you are a beginner, you probably don’t know how to bet properly and you’ll lose a few bucks. However, if you place safe bets with small but meaningful odds, you can climb up the sports betting ladder in no time.

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