Most Popular Dog Racing Events

If you have a love of labs burning in you, you are probably interested in everything about the dog racing games too, as this is the place where two of the greatest passions in the world combine – the love of labs and betting. But how do you know which are the best dog racing games that you need to do sports betting on? It’s easy, we’ve done the research:

  1. English Greyhound Derby
  2. Scottish Greyhound Derby
  3. Irish Greyhound Derby
  4. East Anglian Cup
  5. Select Stakes
  6. Melbourne Cup
  7. Sandown Cup

Learn How to Bet Online on Dog Racing

If your love of labs is not enough for betting at actual dog racing, you can always resort to betting online on dog racing games. First of all, you should know that in today’s time, there are many different programs that offer different odds, which is why you should know all the tips on how to use those odds in your favor.

So, if you are thinking about betting online on dog racing games, think of it as any other sport where you bet on a single person against a group of others – a marathon for example. The odds are positioned in an exactly same way as they would be for a marathon. So, for example, in the decimal system, if dog A has odds of 2.0, whereas dog B has odds of 8.0, it is more likely that the dog with the smaller decimal wins. However, if you bet $50 on the dog A, you’ll win 100 back, whereas if you win the same amount on dog B, you’ll get $400 back (50×8). So, you need to find your golden rule about placing a bet on decimals.

Live betting on the other hand, is somewhat easier because it doesn’t require you to have any previous knowledge or even see previous results – you see how the race goes and you place a bet instantly. Of course, you can do this efficiently if you are betting at racing games using online casino apps.

Dog Racing Betting Strategies and Odds

The thing about the dog races is that they require you to build a strategy around the odds that are in your favor. However, you should also make a good decision on where to place your bets on. We strongly believe that the best place to take part in sports betting on dog races are legal online casinos because of two very important reasons.

First, you have the convenience of staying home and yet, being able to place live bets on any race you want, as long as you want it and regardless of where it is. Of course, you can use the convenience of legal online casinos through their mobile casino apps as well, which gives you even more comfort.

Second, because online casinos offer casino bonuses which are great for beginners. Such casino bonuses include welcome bonuses and no deposit casino bonuses which are a gift for signing up to the casino, and you get to win real money prizes as well!

Other Benefits of Using Online Casinos for Dog Racing Betting

The features mentioned so far are not the only reasons you should use legal online casinos to bet on dog racing or any other type of racing. In fact, there are many benefits to using online casinos and bookies, and we will explore them in greater detail in the following section.

Up until now, we mentioned the convenience of legal online casinos and the many amazing bonuses they offer beginner bettors. There are many bonuses for existing users, too, including bet builders, odds boosters, etc. All the perks are supposed to make betting easier for players, giving them extra funds, spins, chips, etc., to use.

We also want to mention the safety of using online casinos and their dedicated apps. Nowadays, most casinos with websites or mobile apps have special safety protocols to keep their players from falling prey to foul play. The websites and apps feature the highest level of protection possible, hiding player information from outsiders to the best of their ability.

Another benefit of online casinos is the quick deposit, withdrawals, and many payment methods available. When you visit a land-based casino and try betting on dog racing, the only options available are paying with cash or a credit card. When betting at online casinos, you can also use e-wallets, which are quite popular and instantaneously transfer funds. You can also use direct bank transfers, often unavailable at land-based casinos.

As if that was not enough, online casinos make the betting experience so much better because there is no waiting; you can choose whichever race you want to bet on in minutes and instantly make your bets. There is no waiting in line or managing through the crowd to see your favorite run the route.

As you can see, there are many benefits to using online casinos for dog racing. If you ever want to try betting at such as casino, Jackpot Casino is a great place to start. It offers a variety of dog races with great odds, bonuses for winners, bonuses for those whose selected dogs finish second or third, etc. You can check out other options at There, you’ll find a ton of other online casinos and sportsbooks, so don’t hesitate to look.

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