19 Aug

Labrador Quotes

Please check back often as we add more pictures of Labrador retrievers.  Please help us build our photo gallery by sending us pictures of your Labrador. Below are some great dog quotes: 1) If you want a friend for life, get a dog. – Harry S Truman 2) A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more…

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05 Aug

Feeding Labrador Puppies

Are you puzzled about the proper way to feed your Labrador puppy? If so, do not stress out too much because there are just a few suggestions that could assist you. Firstly, during your lab’s growth stage, it is crucial to not let her get too heavy. Be conscious of how much and how often you are feeding her. Health…

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04 Aug

The First 8 Weeks of a Labs Life

Similar to a newborn baby, a Labrador Retriever puppy is sensitive, delicate, and in need of a tremendous amount of care during its first few weeks of life. Newborn puppies are born blind and deaf until they are about two weeks old. It would be difficult for the puppy to come to a family home during this time because it…

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20 Jul

Breeds that are Similar to Labs

  As you probably already know, Labrador Retrievers are an extremely popular and unique breed. They are the ultimate package of being docile, loving companions while having the ability to hunt, compete, and at times, protect. They have the reputation of being so friendly to everyone who meets them. They are beyond intelligent and so eager to please, hence the…

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16 Jul

Gotta Love A Lab

Your One Stop Source For Everything Labrador The Labrador is at its best as a family dog. They want to be into everything their human is doing. From a puppy to an aging dog, they are curious and a devoted companion. We feel it is important for new owners to realize that while they are at times a challenge to…

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15 Jul

Labrador Merchandise

Home Labrador Information Labrador Names Labrador Pictures Labrador Puppies Buying a Lab Like ourFacebook pageand join a community of Labrador loving parents Almost all Labrador Retriever owners can attest to how easy it is to love their Labs and at times it is necessary to return that love by purchasing merchandise to make your Lab’s life as enjoyable and comfortable…

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