How Big Do Labs Get

Labrador Retrievers typically grow up to 24 inches. Male Labradors are bigger than female Labradors. Generally, a non-overweight female Labrador will be between 21.5-23.5 inches and weigh between 55-70 pounds. A full-grown, non-overweight male Labrador will be 22.5-24 inches and weigh between 65-80 pounds. But diet can greatly impact how big a Lab can get. Many people love their labs so much that they feed them human food and a lot of that. This can cause a lot of weight gain for the Lab and most Vets will tell you that this is not a good thing.

Getting your Labrador to grow appropriately depends on how often he was fed since he was a puppy and the food that has been given to him so far. Young Labrador puppies require being fed small meals 4-5 times a day. When they are a few months old, 3 meals a day is enough. At 9 months old, 2 meals a day is sufficient, and when the Lab reaches adulthood at about 12 months old, 1 big meal a day is enough. The future size of your Labrador also depends on its temperament, age, present weight, and amount of daily exercise. If your dog does not exercise enough yet eats a lot, he will grow to be quite plump in the future. Unfortunately, he will be at risk for major health problems as well. Therefore, a Lab that likes to eat a good amount of food per day must exercise enough to burn off some of the calories. Also, the type of food you feed your Lab is very important. His food needs to have the right amount of protein, calories, carbs, minerals, and vitamins. Meat, chicken or fish usually have lots of protein. Avoid feeding your dog junk food or treats that only provide extra, unnecessary calories. When your Lab is a puppy, it is important to give it food that is special for growing dogs. Overall, Labs are known for being a big breed. It may be overwhelming to see how fast and big they grow; however they are genetically this way. It is good to weigh your Lab every few months to make sure it is growing normally according to its age and frequency of daily exercise. Also, remember that until they are 26 weeks old, Labs normally grow about 2 pounds per week.

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