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The Labrador is at its best as a family dog. They want to be into everything their human is doing. From a puppy to an aging dog, they are curious and a devoted companion. We feel it is important for new owners to realize that while they are at times a challenge to live with, they are at the same time a blessing. You can learn all about Labrador retrievers at Gotta Love A Lab

Gotta Love a Lab was started to provide other lab owners and those thinking about getting a lab with loads of good, quality information about this special breed. The purpose of this site is for you, a prospective Labrador owner, to learn from our over fifteen years of experience in living with Labradors.

Specifically, we address a wide range of topics from choosing dog names for labs, to great pet products, to homemade dog remedies, to living with a lab puppy, to the issues surrounding an aging Labrador.

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image Labrador Information Covering a wide variety of information about labs including health issues, lab humor, mixed labrador breeds, and important labrador characteristics.
image Labrador Dog Names A boatload of suggested dog names for different colors of labs including yellow labs, black labs, and chocolate labs.
image Labrador Pictures Outstanding labrador photos contributed by users of our website. You will find funny, sweet, cute, and memorable lab photos to help brighten up your day.
image Labrador Puppies The first year of parenting a lab will bring much more responsibility than the following a year. We highlight a bunch of infomation and ideas to consider when you first bring home your new special friend.
image Buying A Lab It is critical that you do your research before purchasing a lab. Both breeders and rescues can help you to bring a loving Labrador into your life, but for that to happen, you should be informed in advance.

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