White Labrador Retrievers

There are different shades of Labradors. The darkest ones are black or brown in color and the light ones are usually yellow in color. The White Labrador is the lightest of the Labradors. Although they look very white, they are usually registered as yellow. You might think that in order to breed white Labradors, you just simply need two white Labradors but that is incorrect. The breeders carefully consider each one of the breeds to breed the white Labrador retriever. Because it needs a careful process, a professional breeder is needed to breed white Labradors.

White Labrador Retrievers have the similar characteristics as the English Labrador breed. They usually have the heavy bone structure and broad heads. Males are usually 60-130 pounds and 22-25 inches tall and females are usually 55-93 pounds and 21-24 inches tall. Their fur is very smooth, short and straight. The Labrador is one of the kinds of retrievers that were originally bred to retrieve fishing nets with their webbed paws for swimming. They were also good at hunting and therefore they received the name retriever. They are known for their loving, kind, and loyal personalities. Because of their characteristics, they are the most popular breed in Australia, Canada, United States and the United Kingdom. Also, they are very popular to families because they enjoy swimming, playing catch and most importantly, they are very good with young children.

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