Should I Neuter My Lab

If you do not wish to breed, yes. Although neutering might cause some diseases, such as obesity, hair loss and bone cancer, there are many more advantages to neutering. For male labs, neutering reduces the chance of prostate and testicular cancer. Also, they will be less likely to mark their territory and be aggressive towards other males. For female labs, neutering reduces the chance of uterine, mammary and ovarian cancer. Also, it will avoid any stray male dogs to come into your garden and she won’t come into season (heat) which they will become receptive to the advances of the male dogs in your area. The best age for the lab to be neutered is six month and it is better to get him/her neutered as young as they can.

Neutering can be a tough decision, but keep in mind that it is quite commonplace. And your dog will never be able to speak – so you don’t have to ever worry about them complaining to you about what you have done to them 🙂

Cost comes into play as well. It can be very expensive to neuter your Labrador – so it is important to find out what the cost will be. Also, if there are any complications, the cost could go higher. But you also have to keep in mind that if your Labrador reproduces, that cost will be much higher than the cost of the neutering – so just be sure to talk to your Vet and be informed before making your final decision.


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