Rottweiler Labradors

There are lots of good combinations of dogs that can be mixed. Among the mixed dogs, the mix of Rottweiler and Labrador is very popular. A Rottweiler is a medium to large-sized domestic dog that was originated in Germany. They were used to herd livestock and hunting. Nowadays they are also used in search and rescue, guide dogs for the blind and as police dogs. Their color is usually black and tan double-coated and with short fur like Labradors. A Labrador is one of the several kinds of gun dogs. They are the most popular breed of dog in US, Canada and United Kingdom. They are known for their loving, kind and loyal personalities. They are widely used by police for their detection ability.

The mix of Rottweiler and Labrador is usually healthier than the regular Rottweiler or Labrador because of their large gene pool. They are very athletic, love to swim and run. Therefore, the energetic and athletic genes of a Rottweiler and a Labrador make Rottweiler Labrador a very energetic, aggressive and tempered dog. Moreover, a Rottweiler is definitely not a beginner dogs so Rottweiler Labradors might cause some difficulties when training. Despite all these hardships, once they get trained, they are very loving and loyal to their owners. They love to play around outdoors with their owners like any other dogs. However, when you take them outside, you should be very careful because they can sometimes be aggressive to others. Therefore, you should train them well and always keep your eyes on them when you go outside where there are others around.

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