Red Labrador Retrievers

The Red Labrador Retriever is a subtype of one of the most popular dog breeds in the United States. The Red Labrador specifically, gained popularity in the late 20th century, when English Breeders became interested in darker colors of Labrador Retrievers. While not actually red per se, Red Retrievers actually have a darker yellow color that is distinctly different from their yellow Labrador counterparts.

Red Labradors are a very appealing, medium-size breed. They have a normal height of 21-24 inches and an average healthy weight of 60-75 pounds, but males have been noted to grow to an excess of 100 pounds. Labradors can be most well-known for their lustrous, smooth coats and webbed feet that make them exceptional swimmers.

The Red Labrador Retriever’s distinction can be found in the unique color of its coat, but its undeniable appeal comes from its loving temperament and helpful nature. Sharing in the common Labrador qualities of intelligence, playfulness and loyalty, Red Labradors are excellent choices for both the family environment and as service animals. Labradors love to follow human leadership and they enjoy working hard and exercising regularly. Labrador Retrievers especially enjoy running, swimming and playing retrieval games. Red Labrador’s are also very easy to train and thrive when an established role of dominance is set by their masters. This eagerness to please human leaders was the original reason for their success as hunting dogs and their current, widespread use as disabled assistant dogs, water rescue animals, and watch dogs.



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