Labrador Naming Stories

Check out these great naming stories our site readers have sent in. Do you have a naming story you’d like to share? Email us and we’ll post it here. We’re always interested in new and funny stories.

Diesel - 7 months old from MinnesotaNEW! 08.25.10: “We have a 7 month old Black lab. His name is Diesel! How we arrived at the name is because we have a black Chevy diesel pickup that is all souped up … jacked up, stacks, chipped, etc. My 13 year old daughter brought him home from a friends house who had a litter. She walked in the door and with tears in her eyes said, “Mommy can we please keep him? I love him already! I’ve named him Diesel.” He was only 8 weeks old at the time. How do you say no!?! — Robyn from Nevis, Minnesota

“I was looking through your web site for consensus on feeding new pups. I got side tracked on names. We breed a litter every 2-4 years, and generally keep one from each litter. We have four generations from the line of labs that we get that way. As for naming, we started something with our first pup. We gave our college age son a chance to pick a name. I can’t remember now where we started, but we went through the name of almost every alcoholic drink there was. We settled on Tequila and made it Tequila Sunrise, with a call name of Quila (key-la). Since then we have kept with the tradition: Tequila Sunrise (Quila), Bailey Irish Cream (Bailey), Sweet Golden Sherry (Sherry), and a play on words: Vino Noir. They are all yellow but Ms. Noir, whom we call Vino. In Vino’s new litter, we are keeping a yellow female and naming her after her great grandmother, Quila. She will be Tequila Sunrise II with a call name of Sunny.” — Bart H. from Lovettsville, VA

Luke from Gig Harbor, WA“Luke…. Why? Luke came into our lives after a very, very tragic experience with our 1st black lab. I knew I needed a Labrador who was everything a lab should be – that wonderful lab temperament, beauty, all-around perfect family pet. The reason Luke was named was, I admit, rather biblical. St. Luke was a physician, and Luke came into our lives to heal the heartache of our previous experience. He’s lived up to his name in every way. The dog is uncanny in his sensitivities to our human emotions. He knows what we’re going to do before we do.” — Linda R. from Gig Harbor, WA

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