Miniature Labradors

Miniature Labradors are a size variation of the Labrador dog breed, retaining many of the same characteristics as their traditional pure-bred counterparts, except they are distinguishably smaller in size. The dwarfism within this breed is caused by either an abnormality of the pituitary gland or from inbreeding. This particular variation of the Labrador is also registered under the American Kennel Club, which means that miniature Labradors are officially recognized.

As for appearance, this dog breed comes in the traditional black, yellow, or chocolate brown colors, weighs around 45 pounds, and are no more than 19 inches tall at the shoulder. The mini Labrador is often bred with pure-bred Labradors to keep the same appearance; however, this also results in a higher chance for health defects within the dogs. Consequently, there is much controversy surrounding the breeding of miniature Labradors as many consider it to be dangerous. On the plus side, the mini Labrador acts as great guide dogs as well as lovable pets, aided by their athleticism and playful nature.

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