Labrador Stud Dogs

Finding a Labrador Retriever stud dog, can be a very tough process, but luckily there are many options to explore. For those who do not know the exactly what a stud dog is, studs are unfixed male dogs that are used for the purpose of impregnating a female. People search for stud dogs that match the desired color, temperament and other specifications of their desired future pet, show dog or service animal. Depending on the history of a particular stud, the price can have a wide range. For an average, run of the mill Labrador stud, a price of $300 can be asked, while a thousand or more dollars can be requested for competition winning animals. Even when there are multiple females in a kennel, there is usually only one dog used for breeding, this is because in the more elite levels of dog breeding, only the most spectacular Labrador Retrievers are used for stud dogs.

For the convenience of Labrador Retriever owners looking for the services of a stud, there are multiple online services created for easy connections. Multiple websites provide their users with databases of recently posted studs. These postings included detailed profiles of the male’s, complete with age, qualifications and detailed descriptions of the dogs habits and temperament. The websites also provide photo banks, where your future stud can be under the scrutiny of a judging eye. These resources are perfect for the Labrador breeder that is looking for a stud to create a championship level dog.

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