Labrador Retriever Breeders in Virginia

Labrador Retrievers are of a special breed. In addition to being lovely companions and an addition to the family, they are known for being winners at dog shows. The temperament, health, and certain training of a lab have a lot to do with its breeder. If well-trained, Labradors, in general, are famous for being sweet dogs, yet they could be protective at the same time. They are overall multi-purpose dogs that are capable of various functions. However, the potential of a Labrador Retriever may be unreachable if it is under the hands of a lousy breeder. Whether you are looking to take a lab home as an additional family member, or you want a lab that will compete in dog shows, it is important to consider where you get your Labrador Retriever from. As a Virginia resident interested in Labrador Retrievers, you are probably wondering how you could find a trustworthy breeder. You should look for a breeder who has provided the essential components that puppies need during their early life. A breeder who routinely checks for the health of the dogs ensures that they are socialized and comfortable around others, and one who produces a certain type of lab is the kind of breeder you should look for. In addition, it is crucial that you go to the breeder’s location in person and evaluate the environment that the puppies are born into. Also, note that breeders who are part of certain clubs and AKC registered are usually well recommended. The state of Virginia has several private breeders who may provide you with a high quality lab.

1) Brookhaven Labradors

Brookhaven Labradors is a small kennel in Fredericksburg, Virginia that breeds Yellow, Black, and Chocolate English Labrador Retrievers. In addition to being AKC registered, they breed dogs for the purposes of hunting, show, obedience, agility, and simply companionship. They focus on producing multi-purpose Labradors who can fit in with almost any buyer’s needs. The labs are raised in the house, which is essentially a very good environment for puppies to be born into. Brookhaven Labradors promises that all of the breeding stock has their eyes checked annually and have been checked with an x-ray. Moreover, this kennel is a member of the Labrador Retriever Club of the Potomac and the Labrador Retriever Club of the Chesapeake, in addition to many more clubs.

2) Winchester Field-N-Hearth Labradors

WFH opened in 2002 as a hobby kennel. It is also dedicated to producing multi-purpose English Labradors. Their Labrador Retrievers are raised to be used in show rings, hunting, and as a normal pet. WFH provides quality labs that are bred to AKC standards. The puppies here are raised in a loving home, not in a kennel. Also, the pups have had their primary set of vaccines and have been de-wormed several times. They are also checked by a veterinarian before leaving to a new home. Most importantly, they are given lots of love and socialized according to their needs

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