Labrador Retriever Breeders in Southern California

Labrador Retrievers are the best family dogs that you can get. They are very energetic and intelligent so it’s very easy to train them. You may see many advertisements either online or on newspapers selling Labrador Retrievers. Those ones are usually inexpensive so many people buy from reading the advertisements. However, those inexpensive, uncertified Labradors from unknown breeders may cause health or behavior troubles in the future. To avoid this problem, finding a good breeder is very important.

A good breeder loves and cares about their Labradors. They take care of their dogs like their family members. However, it is very difficult to find out whether or not the breeder is a ‘good’ breeder. One way to find out about this is by visiting their kennel. Once you visit the kennel, make sure the dogs are in good condition in a clean environment. Also, see if they are getting enough and good quality food. Moreover, one more tip is to see if the dogs actually get excited or happy to see their owner (breeder). Here are few of the breeders in Southern California that you can contact and visit.

1) Servant’s Labradors

Servant’s Labradors is a professional hobby breeder with more than 15 years of experience. Their goal is to breed excellent and good quality Labrador Retrievers. They are focusing on producing litters of excellent to good quality puppies that are suitable for the whole family to enjoy as companion and on a rare occasion to breeders. Also, they breed for temperament and sound body Labrador puppies for all to enjoy. All the Labrador Retrievers here are all AKC purebred with OFA clearance for hips and elbows, and their eye clearances with CERF. Right now, the coat colors that are being bred are yellow and black. In the yellow color group, you will find both light, creamy yellow shades as well as golden yellow shades. In the black color group, you will find both very dark and a true black color with no brown in the coat. All puppies come with a health guarantee. All adult breeding Labradors are tested before breeding, in order to be free from hip and elbow dysphasia (they are OFA certified) and their eyes free of PRA (CERF certified).

2) Cedar Ranch Labrador Retrievers

Cedar Ranch Labrador Retrievers breeding program is dedicated to develop all-purpose Labrador Retrievers with AKC Breed Standard. When breeding, they put strong emphasis on their dogs to develop temperament, soundness, function, and beauty. Their breeding blend combines AKC show champion pedigrees, hunting and obedience titles with fine family pet temperaments to produce an attractive, intelligent friend. Health clearances include OFA Hips and Elbows certified clear of dysplasia, Cardiac and Patellas clear, and CERF eye clearances yearly by a canine opthalmologist as well as genetic clearance for PRA (progressive blindness).

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