Labrador Retriever Breeders in Ontario

If you are a citizen of the states living in the north, or a citizen of Ontario, Canada interested in buying a Labrador Retriever you are hopefully seeking information about finding the right breeder. Buying a puppy is somewhat like adopting a baby. Typically, you would adopt a baby that is healthy, has good genes, and one that you feel a connection with. The same goes when you are picking out a puppy. Similar to an adoption agency, a dog breeder must inform you about all the details regarding the puppy of your interest. Here are a few breeders located in Ontario that are dedicated to producing Labrador Retrievers.

1) Walk on Water Labs

Walk on Water Labs breeds for labs that will make good hunting partners, field trials and hunt tests, in addition to making phenomenal house pets. Anne and Ted Hall have been in this business for 12 years breeding lovely companions and active hunting dogs. These breeders require the dogs to have high levels of expertise in retrieving before they are bred. Intelligence and temperament are important things that they breed for. The wonderful thing about this kennel is that the puppies are born and raised in the house. Therefore, they are well adjusted to a home environment and probably to being around lots of people. Moreover, the website provides a chunk of information regarding details on how their puppies are raised. They have provided information on the process of care for these puppies from when they are born up to when they are ready to be sold, which is around 7 weeks old. After reading this information, it is clear to see that these breeders care immensely about producing healthy, smart and strong puppies.

2) Bellbrooke Labradors Reg’d

In the city of Bobcaygeon, Ontario, Bellbrooke Labradors Reg’d breeds CKC (Canadian Kennel Club) registered chocolate labs. Bellbrooke is on a 75 acre farm full of other animals that the Labrador breeder also takes care of. The breeder is a CKC member breeder with over 35 years of experience. Important things to note are that written health is guaranteed for all the pups. They are all vaccinated, registered, microchipped, and veterinary inspected. The dogs/puppies have all been socialized with others due to being raised in the home of the breeders. Also, these labs come from bloodlines of champions. .

3) Moonstone Kennel

Moonstone Kennel is also located on a farm in Waterloo, Ontario. Something to note about this kennel is that the dogs stay in an actual kennel, not inside the home. The pictures are on the website for you to view. All of their breeding stock are eye, elbow, hip certified, regularly checked by a vet, and inspected each year by an animal control officer. Moonstone Kennel goes by all the codes of Woolwich Township bylaws. In addition, they specialize in producing yellow Labradors. Moonstone Kennel provides Labradors that make great family pets. Golden retrievers are also produced at this kennel.

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