Labrador Retriever Breeders in Ohio

Labrador Retrievers are amongst the most popular and in demand dogs around the country. They have upheld their reputation for being compassionate, loyal, sweet, incredibly intelligent and protective for quite some time. It is no surprise that so many families and people in need of a watch or guide dog demand Labrador Retrievers. Therefore, it is important that your Labrador comes from a caring, clean and high quality breeder. If that is not the case, your Lab may have problems in the future that can link back to how the breeder cared for him as a pup. If you are from the state of Ohio or for some reason want to buy a Labrador from this state, you should know that there is something called Miami Valley Labrador Retriever Club (MVLRC). This is an American Kennel Club (AKC) licensed club located in Southwestern Ohio in areas close to Cincinnati. This club provides information about good breeders who are members of the MVLR club. They are trustable breeders because the club requires breeders to sign a code of ethics that must be followed. The dogs have been checked to be free of hip and elbow dysplasia and hereditary eye diseases. Here is a list of breeders that are part of the MVLRC.

1) Frogcreek Labradors

Frogcreek Labradors breeds Labs in the owner’s house. The Labs are in a large gated area to feel comfortable in while being safe. These Labs are raised to be a family pet, which means they are great around children. The breeder specializes in breeding for temperament, structure and Labrador type. The majority of the dogs bred here are featured in AKC conformation shows and obedience trials, in addition to many of them becoming certified therapy dogs. They all have eye, hip and elbow clearances. No puppies are expected at this location until fall of 2011.

2) ClearCreek Labradors

These Labs are bred by Elizabeth Martin in a small hobby kennel in Lebanon, Ohio. They have 18 years of experience and have worked with Labs since 1994. ClearCreek raises mostly puppies and occasionally has adult dogs. They breed a few puppies at a time to ensure enough attention and care. They raise them to have correct temperaments. The puppies are raised in the owner’s kitchen. The group of puppies is provided with excellent socialization through the owner and her son interacting with them. Their breeding stock is all certified for hips, elbows, and eyes by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) and they are cleared annually. In addition, the pets are all sold with AKC Limited Registration. As of now, yellow puppies are available at this location.

3) Four Mile Creek

This breeder is located in Eaton, Ohio and has been breeding Labradors for 20 years. The breeding stock is checked annually for their eyes and has OFA clearance on their hips and elbows. Their puppies are not sold until 7 weeks old to ensure that the puppies are socialized and given lots of one-on-one attention in this small home kennel. These puppies are trained for obedience and field work. They are also trained to hunt. Male and female Labrador puppies are available at this moment.

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