Labrador Retriever Breeders in New Jersey

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Finding a companion that always has an extremely pleasant demeanor can be complicated. Labs are generally dogs that require a lot of love, care, and exercise for these are the owner’s responsibilities, and in doing so can ensure that your puppy and you stay connected and be friends for a long time to come. Labradors are a great example of such a dog, and the state of New Jersey acknowledges this general consensus. They also exemplify it by having the Master National Retriever Club started and run in the state of

New Jersey itself. Labs are an extremely important part of the culture for many individuals within the state, and put great pride in their puppies. Therefore, since the state has such a high demand as well as expectation for their Labs, the breeders in the area come nothing short of phenomenal themselves. Here are some breeders within the state that can provide top quality service as well as a very healthy, smart, and loyal Lab for your home and family

1) Ridgeway Labs

Ridgeway Labs is a group of breeders that established the kennel in 1980, and ever since has been a huge part of the Labrador community for the state of New Jersey. Back with excellent reviews, happy customers, and a group of breeders that pushes excellence as well as efficiency first, the experience of dealing with Ridgeway Labs is surely superior. Having numerous dogs that have become champions from this lineage is surely enough to spark some sort of intrigued interest, furthermore all of the dogs at Ridgeway Labs are OFA and CERF certified annually as well. Overall, the experience the puppies as well as potential and past owners receive from Ridgeway Labs is one of excellence, happiness, and most of all hospitality.

2) Accolade Labradors

Just over 20 years old, the experienced facility, puppies, and overall experience of dealing with Accolade Labradors will surely prove to be more than satisfactory. Accolade Labradors come with the standard AKC registered and certified papers. The group of puppies that come out of Accolade Labradors will surely be intelligent, responsive, and most of all loyal as the temperament at Accolade Labradors is always of the highest point of concern. Making sure that the Labradors are friendly, social, and loving always comes first. The people at Accolade Labradors make sure that the general notion that a Lab is personable as well as reflects love and affection is their promise. Therefore, if you are an individual that is looking for perhaps a champion bred or a show dog not to say that this place may not fulfill your requirements, but perhaps there are better breeders out there for your desired need.

3) Weymouth Labs

Specializing in the ever so demanded and loved English Labrador, the breeders at Weymouth Labs are a small time group of breeders that does not have puppies year round, but rather focuses on quality as they only have litters only a few times a year. They provide an excellent socialization for all of their puppies and an environment that allows the most crucial time of young Labs to be the most progressive and healthy. The kennel is a member of the Labrador Retriever Club, and has breeders who are currently part of the Mid Jersey Labrador Retriever Club, Inc., as well as the Pinelands K-9 Club

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