Labrador Retriever Breeders in Maryland

Labrador Retrievers are a beloved breed of dog that is a common household name in many homes across America. Their loving, charming, and loyal demeanor is a plus for all types of families and settings. They can serve as a great watch dog, family companion, or even a keen hunter. The Labrador Retriever is an overall well-balanced dog that can provide tons of happiness for any owner. However, to ensure that you receive

a Labrador that lives up to its character traits it is essential that you purchase a Lab that has been taken care of and given love at the early and crucial stages of its life. Therefore, it is often an excellent idea to purchase from a breeder instead of a pet store, as pet stores have been known to mistreat dogs by not providing enough socialization as well as even sometimes not providing the correct and proper mandatory vaccines by Maryland state law. If you are an individual who is looking to purchase a Labrador Retriever and is located in the area of Maryland, it maybe of a good idea to purchase directly from a private breeder. Private breeders are not all perfect, however, we have found some that can be considered the best in the state.

1) Bachman Mill Farm

The people at Shadyside Labradors and Bachman Mill Farm’s are interested in top-notch quality service as well as product. The individual at Shadyside Labradors and Bachman Mill Farm believe in providing their owners with the best in the breeding community, and do so by showcasing over 25 years of excellent quality customer service. All of their puppies have gone and finished their AKC quality registration and furthermore they provide a 28 acre lot for their Lab puppies to play around in. They are a Carroll County, Maryland licensed kennel, which is inspected annually by the Carroll County, Humane Society. They are regularly inspected by the AKC and in excellent standing. The overall service and product one can expect from Shadyside Labradors and Bachman Mill Farm’s is nothing less than spectacular.

2) Steele Labradors

Steele Labrador is one of the several Labrador breeders within the state of Maryland that offers such a pristine and excellent service that is not taken up by many modern day dog owners. The people at Steele Labrador’s are interested in providing their customers with the finest quality hunting Labs in the state. The team also stresses the importance of temperament as they rigorously train and inspect the puppies ensuring that they are loving and loyal companions that will enjoy your company for many years. They are very active in conformation and hunting competition, and are proud members in good standing of The Labrador Retriever Club, Inc., National Labrador Retriever Club, the Talbot Kennel Club and their dogs proudly donate blood to the Eastern Veterinary Blood Bank. Furthermore, they also offer a 2-year guarantee against Hip Displaysia and PRA. Surely the people at Steele Labrador’s are set on making both the puppy and its owner happy customers.

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