Labrador Retriever Breeders in Kansas

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In the realm of dog conformation shows and American homes, Labrador Retrievers are far from being unfavorable to the public and families around the nation. Due to being a breed that is high in demand, many breeders specifically produce Labrador Retrievers. It is important that a breeder is AKC certified and does annual checkups and clearances for the dogs that are to be bred. Good breeders should also focus on raising labs that will have a good temperament, obedience, and will do well in competitions. When a puppy is raised in a loving and caring surrounding, it will most likely grow to be a docile, obedient, and pleasant companion. Look for a breeder who specializes in raising puppies towards the type of lab you want. For example, if you are looking to have a Labrador as your family dog, look for a breeder who emphasizes in training the puppies to be social and obedient companions. It will also help if the breeders are a family with children. In this case, the puppies are going to be socialized around kids. On the other hand, if you want a lab that will be good for hunting, look for breeders who train specifically in this field. Some breeders also specializing in breeding labs from a lineage of dog show winners. If you are looking for a Labrador that will compete, look for the right breeder. Overall, it is a good idea to find a breeder who offers puppies from all of these categories. If you live in the state of Kansas and are looking for a good Labrador Retriever breeder, the list below might help narrow your search.

1) Lankas Labs

Lankas Labs, located in Atwood, Kansas, has been specializing in producing pointing, or hunting, Labradors for more than almost two decades. These hunting labs are offered in fox red, charcoal, ivory, and silver, in addition to the three classic Labrador Retriever colors. The Pointing Labradors, according to Lankas Labs, are wonderful waterfowl dogs, while continuing to be excellent family dogs at the same time. The labs are raised by the Lankas family. Although these dogs are special for hunting, they have been raised with the right temperament, which allows them to be both indoor and outdoor dogs. In addition, the labs are extremely well socialized. From birth to a few months old, they are introduced to new sounds, the water, adults, and children. Many people left positive testimonials for Lankas Labs that you could read on their website.

2) Siess Ranch

Located in Seneca, Kansas, Siess Ranch is a family business that breeds AKC registered Labradors that would make would make a wonderful addition to your family. They breed for healthy puppies and raise them to have a friendly personality as well as an even temperament. They claim that health and intelligence are their extremely high priorities for the puppies that are produced. Furthermore, Siess Ranch mostly provides white, blonde, or yellow labs. Occasionally, chocolate or black labs are available. The website provides many pictures of the puppies for sale. In addition to selling pure Labradors, they sell labradoodle puppies which are a mix between a poodle and Labrador.

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