Labrador Retriever Breeders in Colorado

The atmosphere and climate for the state of Colorado all focally point to the idea that people in the area need a companion, lover, and protector that can withstand the weather and still be a docile friend. The Labrador Retriever is all of those and more! The Labs have an extremely unique coat accompanied by its intellectually sound and loving mentality makes the Lab a perfect dog for the state of Colorado. . However, with this being acknowledged, there are unfortunately tons of breeders and pet

pet shops that do not provide the proper love and care a puppy needs. However, here are some breeders that are some of the best in the state and possibly within the industry!

1) Mountain View Kennel

Providing some of the most intricately documented clearances for the overall standard of health for the puppies at the kennel, Mountain View Kennel is a leader amongst the state as it provides the perfect balance of intellect, loyalty, and athleticism for all of their Lab puppies. They provide top notch quality customer service, as they will take back puppies of which the owners do not feel capable of handling free of charge! They back all of their puppies with AKC licensing and even provide a two year comprehensive care plan for all hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, certain heart and eye conditions. The folks at Mountain View Kennel are a leader amongst the state indicating how important it is to take care of the puppies in a loving and caring manner that way it ensures that both the puppy and you as an owner is 100% satisfied.

2) Wyndy Ridge Kennel

The Wyndy Ridge Kennel is a unique kennel within the state, as it generally focuses specifically on chocolate labs and Labradoodles. Yes, Labradoodles which is a mix between a lab and a poodle, these cute and absolutely loving dogs still have all of the showcased traits that labs do but with a hint of all the great things a poodle can provide as well! The Wyndy Ridge Kennel stresses the importance of its location as well as its family run style of operation. The location of the Wyndy Ridge Kennel is imperative to their overall health, socialization, and well-being as they are able to roam over 18 acres of land in a rural setting. The people at Wyndy Ridge Kennels strive to provide excellent customer service, and therefore provide a full reimbursement of their puppy if health complications such as Hip Displasia or Progressive Retinal Atrophy occur.

3) Eichhorn Kennel

20 years of experience, excellent track records, 2 ½ year guarantee on certain health conditions, and holding various certifications, the environment, staff, and puppies at Eichhorn Kennel can only be described as perfect. Eichhorn Kennel provides all puppies with OFA and CERF certifications as well as training routines such as hunting, water work, and even making use of automated electronics. The individuals at Eichhorn Kennel’s only wish to provide the best experience for both the owner and the puppy.

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