Labrador Photo Gallery 1 – Great Lab Pics

Please check back often as we add more pictures of Labrador retrievers.  Please help us build our photo gallery by sending us pictures of your Labrador.

Howie – so cute!

Owen - yellow labrador
Owen – Safe Harbor Lab Rescue

Great Balls of Fire "Fire"
Great Balls of Fire – “Fire”

Jebbie - Yellow Lab
Jebadiah “Jebbie” – Our December 2008 Lab of the Month

Rommie - beloved lab
Rommel “Rommie” Rooster oversaw the annual pumpkin carving (and ate quite a few pumpkin seeds!)

labrador puppies
Puppies from Endless Mountain Labradors

Lulu & Bagheera
Lulu & Bagheera in Giverny, France – showing off their tongues

Labrador Retriever
Mackie – Endless Mountain Labradors

black lab picture chocolate lab picture
Above: Claudia
pictures (above and left) courtesy of Endless Mountain Labradors


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