Labrador Gifts

Because Labradors are very energetic, a great gift to give them that would benefit both them and the owner would be some extra bones or chews. These not only give the dogs something to play with, but it also helps scrape the plaque off of their teeth. Other toys such as plushy toys can also aid in this while giving the dog something fun to play with around the house. They can also focus their chewing efforts on these toys instead of household furniture.

Also, since labs are also very intelligent, getting them something that can stimulate their mind while also keeping them occupied could be a good idea as well. For example, Kongs are puzzle toys made up of an indestructible rubber material that allow treats to be stuffed inside. Furthermore, a gift that could serve in pampering a Labrador, such as a new luxurious dog bed, could be nice. Owners can also give their Labradors a mini spa session, inclusive of nail treatments, facials, as well as a thorough bath and shampoo. Lastly, treats such as dog cupcakes or cookies that are specially catered to the dietary needs of dogs can act as a great gift to get for a Labrador, especially since they are always eager to receive presents of any kind.

Also, even though Labrador puppies are easy to train, they have a hard time dealing with a collar and leash. Thus, when training a baby Labrador, one must ease them into the restrictions in order to successfully use the equipment. Besides these issues, baby Labradors are easy to manage while being extremely playful at the same time.

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