Labrador Diet

If you want to have a healthy Labrador, you must be very careful about the Labrador’s diet. Vitamin E is a very helpful vitamin for Labradors. It helps prevent them from or fight for very dry, itchy skin which is very troublesome. Today, there are many dog food brands that include vitamin E in their ingredients. However, if you can’t find one that has vitamin E, you can simply get it from a drug store and squeeze it into your dog’s food once a day. However, it is very important to talk to your vet first before you give your Labrador some of your over the counter vitamin E. Another mineral that is very helpful to Labrador is protein. It can definitely help your Labrador stay healthy. Before you look for some protein, keep in mind that the protein that your Labrador eats comes from meat.

Although keeping your Labrador healthy is an important issue, it is also important to keep your Labrador in good shape and in a healthy weight. You must make sure that most of your Labrador’s food doesn’t come from no more than 5% fat. Although it is normally okay to give 10% fat to the dogs, because Labradors are healthy eaters, once they eat a lot of fat, they will continuously eat a lot of fat. Be sure to always provide your Labrador with enough amounts of vitamins and minerals. You can feed a puppy over 4 months about one and a half cups of food at each feeding. Also, the best portion is to give the food 4 times a day. Although your Labrador might ask for more food, do not give their whole day serving at once because they might finish all the food in one seating.

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