Labrador Coat Colors


The Labrador Retriever comes in three main colors: black, yellow, and chocolate brown. The black color coat on Labrador Retrivers is the most basic colored coat. They are solid black in color.

It is common to find thin white hairs in between the footpads and toes of black labadors. During certain times of the year, red and orange hue can appear on the coats of mature black Labradors. This appearance of the red or orange hue to their coats is known as casting, which occurs when the Labradors are shedding and the hair is dead. Casting can also be a result from exposure to the sun. The yellow Labrador coat ranges from anything that is light cream to a more reddish tint that is primarily found in foxes. Yellow labs tend to have black pigment on their lips, eye rims and the nose. The black pigment is usually not found on newborn yellow labs but after the first few days of their life, the black pigment should start to appear. The black pigment found on the mature Labrador’s nose can lighten to a brown or pink color during the winter time. There are a few Labradors that have the “Dudley” coloration, which means that they are either yellow Labs with unpigmented noses, yellow Labs with chocolate coloring, or pinkish, flesh-like colored Labs that are missing the black pigmentation in their coat. These types of Labradors are also known as albino and are extremely rare. The chocolate Labradors can go from a light to a darkish hue. Though some Labradors have random markings or patches on their coats, most exhibit a solid color. From the exposure to the sun, it can easily bleach the coat of the chocolate lab, which gives the lab an appearance of various shades of the chocolate color spread throughout the coat.


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