Labrador Clothing

A growing trend for dog owners is to enhance their dog’s appearance with shirts, hats and clothing accessories. This trend has been popularized by many celebrities who own dogs. Many celebrity dogs are seen in magazine photos dressed up in clothing and accessories.

Initially, this trend was popularized with smaller breeds of dogs, but rest assured that your Labrador Retriever does not have to be left out of the fun. There are several sites that cater to the clothing needs of your Labrador, such as and Merchandise at these stores ranges from camouflage sweatshirts to rain hats and includes a large selection of items in many styles and colors. There are also an extensive number of costumes available for your Labrador when Halloween comes around or for fun all year around. Many doggy costumes and outfits can be seen at local dog shows. Many dogs are dressed up in different costumes such as superheroes or princesses. Some Labradors may even show up in a tuxedo.

While most clothing for your Lab is affordable, there are do it yourself options for Labrador Retriever clothing. Your eager to please Labrador will usually be more than happy to allow you to dress them in one of your old shirts or sporting jerseys. A particularly well-mannered Labrador may even wear sunglasses or a hat for its owner. Whatever way you decide to dress your companion, make sure to choose clothing with materials that do not irritate your animal so that your Labrador remains comfortable wearing its human-like clothing and accessories. As long as that condition is met, there is nothing wrong with dressing your Labrador up for a little fun.

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