Labradoodle Videos

The Labradoodle is a cross bred dog between the standard poodle and different colors of Labradors. They were developed for companionship and hypoallergenic purposes to provide the best kind of dog to many families all around the world. The Labradoodle became very popular because of its companionship for many families. Because of its friendly, loyal, and energetic characteristics, Labradoodle can easily get along with children if properly socialized.

When purchasing, the owners should be very careful and do a lot of research prior to purchasing since it is a mixed breed. It has very unique and friendly characteristics. Also, the Labradoodle varies in size and color since it’s a mixed breed. Animal Planet TV has just released a video about Labradoodle called Dogs 101: Labradoodle. This video introduces what Labradoodle is and provides with many different characteristics and facts about Labradoodle. You can also see different colors and sizes of Labradoodles by watching this video. If you are considering getting a Labradoodle, Dogs 101: Labradoodle can help you decide.

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The Labradoodle has both the poodle and the Labrador’s extreme trainability and is a very intelligent dog. This makes Labradoodle one of the easiest breeds to train. They are also very intuitive, energetic and friendly. When right training is applied, Labradoodle can be a very good companion as well as a service animal. This makes the Labradoodle very popular in the average home environment. However, when training, the techniques should be changed regularly to make training fun. This video, Olympic Labradoodles Puppy Training Program will show how intelligent a Labradoodle is by showing its training at 10 weeks, 12 weeks, 21 weeks, and 72 week.

The Labradoodle is one of the most popular mixed breeds that does not have a breed standard. However, the dog is preferred to have a wooly and curly coat while having many characteristics of the Labrador. Labradoodle should be having little to no shedding unlike other breeds. To prevent caking, regular cleaning around the muzzle area to remove any dirt should be done. Also, they should be brushed regularly to prevent tangling or matting of the coat. Because it doesn’t shed, its hair should be clipped at least once a year. Here is a video that shows how the haircut on Labradoodle is done.

On top of good training, the Labradoodle also requires regular exercise. The exercise should be done at a medium-sized yard for a regular romp and play. Not only do Labradoodles love running and playing exercises, but Labradoodles also loves walking and jogging. This makes it the perfect dog for owners who love outdoor activities such as hiking and running. It should have at least two hours of exercise daily to stay healthy and energetic. This video shows how a Labradoodle runs around the park and exercise.

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