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Labradoodle Pictures

The Labradoodle is a crossbred dog created from Labrador retriever and standard poodle. However, these days, many people produce puppies by breeding two Labradoodles. Labrador retriever and standard poodle were crossbred to produce a dog that shed less and that gave fewer allergies. However, this hasn’t been entirely successful. They were first originated in Australia by Wally Conran. In 1988, Wally purposefully produced the crossbreed with the goal that was mentioned early: to produce hypoallergenic dogs. However, some Labradoodles still shed and gave problems to people with allergies to dog hair, dander or dog saliva.

During the 90s, the dogs instantly became popular in Australia and named Labradoodles. Labradoodle puppies are usually very small and cute and this made people to not realize that they can grow up to over two feet at shoulder height. So some Labradoodle owners had problem handling a big dog. Also, Labradoodle was known to be very intelligent and could be an excellent guide dog if trained. However, because of its stubbornness some owners found it was impossible to train them. Therefore, many Labradoodles were returned back to the breeders but even the breeders found it difficult to train them. Also, the owners who bought Labradoodles thinking that they were hypoallergenic dogs also returned them to the breeders because Labradoodles turned out to not be hypoallergenic as hoped. Although they got popular because of their looks, they did not always give satisfaction to new owners. Labradoodles became popular in the US around 2005. Many owned Labradoodles because of its appearance and the fact that they are hypoallergenic dogs. However, Australian breeders are worried about this popularity because it might result in not getting satisfied and returning like Australia.

The Labradoodle shows great variance in appearance. Some have curly coats and some have long cuts, and their colors vary from brown, black, yellow and white. Also, some have longer snout face shapes like Labradors while others that were bred with a smaller poodle have more round face shape. Their sizes also vary. As I have mentioned before, some Labradoodles can get very big, while some remain small and doesn’t grow and those resulted in miniature poodle. Because people usually like smaller Labradoodles, smaller types may be bred to other small dogs to keep the breed size small. Moreover, less shedding Labradoodle parents tend to result in more hypoallergenic puppies. Now, let’s check out the pictures of different types of Labradoodles.

Picture SourcePicture Source

Left is an adult brown Labradoodle and right is a brown Labradoodle puppy. Both of them havemore of a round, teddy-bear shaped face like a poodle.

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Left is an adult black Labradoodle and right is a black Labradoodle puppy. The adult Labradoodle has long face like a Labrador but the puppy has a more of a round, teddy-bear shaped face like a poodle.

Picture Source

Left is an 8 month old yellow Labradoodle and right is a 6 weeks old yellow Labradoodle puppy. They both have long faces like Labradors.

Pictures SourcePicture Source

Left is an adult white Labradoodle and to the right is a 6 weeks old white Labradoodle puppy.

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