Human Foods That Labs Can Eat

It is better for labs to avoid human foods as much as they can. Feeding human foods can be dangerous to labs because they might swallow things like bones and get them stuck in their throat. Also, milk, chocolate and pork are known to be very toxic to dogs. There are many other human foods that are very toxic to dogs, so it is essential to try to not feed human foods to your labs as possible. There are plenty of dog food and treats available in your local supermarkets that are healthier for your lab than human food.

But we know that some lab owners can’t resist and human food will be give. So here are 5 human foods that dogs can eat:
1) Cheese
2) Cooked Chicken
3) Baby Carrots
4) Apple Slices
5) Green Beans

There are other human foods, which labs, and all dogs shouldn’t eat. These foods can be dangerous and/or toxic for your Labrador:
1) Grapes
2) Raisins
3) Chocolate
4) Mushrooms
5) Onions

Of course, we are not a Vet – so please consult with your Vet to confirm which humans foods your Lab can eat. You also want to be careful of suddently changing your Labs diet as this sometimes can be an issue for them.


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