Holiday and Cold Weather Hazards for Labradors

Labrador owners need to be alert during the holiday season and cold whether that their always hungry and curious Labradors do not get into the following dangerous chemicals and plants.

If your Labrador consumes any of the following items you should immediately call your veterinarian or call the 24 hour ASPCA National Poison Control at 1-888-426-4435.

American Holly
Christmas cactus
Christmas tree water which contains a preservative
Holiday decorations
Ice Melts

Also, holidays are a time when extra electrical cords are strung. The curious Labradors could find these especially interesting. Be careful with the use of these.

Finally, don’t forget about Christmas trees. Remember, these can be very flammable, in fact, some cities don’t allow real Christmas trees inside apartments. Cities require fake Christmas trees as those are often much less flammable than real trees. At any rate, don’t leave your dog alone during holiday time with the Christmas tree lights on.

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