Grooming Labradoodles

Throughout the history of dog breeding, one individual decided to genetically crossbreed a poodle and a labrador. This odd concoction of dog breeding would lead to what is more commonly known in contemporary modern day society as a Labradoodle. This unique and widely unfamiliar composition of these two dogs has created a breed that is loved by many. This hybrid breed has a wide array of furs, temperaments, and character traits as these Labradoodles posses traits that are familiar to both the labrador and poodle. The Labradoodle’s temperament is generally one of energy and delight, as it requires a lot of love as do all puppies.

However, unlike most dogs, the Labradoodle’s coat is extremely difficult and somewhat a hassle to deal with. As most owners do not mind because of their exponential amount of love that is loyal to both their dog and the general overall breed, the Labradoodle can be a difficult dog to groom and clean. The Labradoodle’s hair can be straight, wavy, or even curly which is always accompanied by a coat that sheds relatively heavily. Therefore, if you have an interest in purchasing a Labradoodle you must understand that there is a quite a bit of maintenance that is required in order to keep your hybrid in the best possible condition.

The Labradoodle’s pleasant, gentle, energetic, and friendly temperament seems to surpass the well acknowledged maintenance that goes into these dogs. Therefore, the first thing that you should understand when considering what method you should use to groom your Labradoodle, it might be much easier and increasingly more convenient if you were to take your Labradoodle to a professional grooming service. Although with that being said, they are generally expensive, and can often times make your pet feel uncomfortable and scared. Therefore, if you wish to groom and modify your dogs appearance in the comfort of your own home it is more than possible by following some simple rules and steps. First, it is best to start brushing the dog’s entire coat as this will generally help loosen parts of matted hair in addition to getting rid of some old hair follicles. Next, it is best to use a combination of clippers as well as shears to achieve a haircut that looks unique to a Labradoodle. The hair around the body, as well as around the legs should be relatively all the same length, as this well help promote its authentic Labradoodle look. When working around the ears it is important that the hair inside the ear and ear canal is shaved with a special grooming tool that can be bought at your local pet store. The last and final part, which can be the most difficult, is bathing your Labradoodle. They can get restless, scared, and may panic during the process, however it is essential. Attempting to start slowly and calm your dog while turning on the water is a good idea, and with all Labradoodles it is important for their coat that you use a very gentle shampoo that is specifically made for pets and not humans.

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