Funny Labrador Names

Are you a fun, goofy person who doesn’t mind giving their Labrador a funny name? If yes, then you’ve come to the right place. Even though funny names are ltos of fun, make sure you choose a name that you will comfortable calling out in public. You cannot change your dog’s name more than once. Forget about changing it if your dog is older. They get use to hearing a name called at them to which they respond to. Therefore, choose the best fitting name for your puppy. Here is a list of some cute and goofy names that people have actually given their dogs. Hopefully, some of these names will inspire you.

Bagel – this name is cute on a yellow lab, especially if he/she has some spots.
Barney – a great name for a cheerful dog!
Blackberry – This name would fit a black lab perfectly.
Booie/Bouy – due to labs being great water dogs, it’s as if this name was made for them!
Buster – a funny name to give a lab who acts out too much.
Cowboy – this is funny because it is a very random name to give to a dog.
Elaine – after the Seinfeld character, she’s recognized as one of the funniest female characters.
Elmer Fudd – after the Looney Tunes character who ran around with a gun and had a speech problem.
Farkle – this is just a funny sounding name for anyone!
Gunner – this is very appropriate for a lab who hunts.
Grandma – if your lab is very old and happens to be nameless, this is great name to give her.
Hot Lips – give this name to your lab if he or she can’t keep his or her mouth to his/herself.
Juliet – get a male and female lab and name the boy, Romeo and the girl, Juliet. Matching names are amusing and fun.
Mojo – Who wouldn’t want a dog that has a mojo? This name is sure to get you a few laughs.
Mousse – it’s a perfect name for a chocolate colored lab that resembles the dessert!
Nestle – this is also a funny name for a chocolate lab.
Oakley – this is a cute name for a yellow lab, but funny because it will remind people of Annie Oakley.
Oprah – your dog will be honored to be named after such an iconic woman.
Palin – if you’re into politics and want to have some fun, consider naming your lab after the extremely “popular,” Sarah Palin.
Princess Lea – This name is wonderfully funny, especially for you Star War fans out there.
Romeo – this is a great name for a male Labrador.
Sandler – after the ever-so-funny, Adam Sandler.
Scooby-doo – who wouldn’t love hearing this name? It’s the perfect funny name to give to a lab of any color, especially chocolate.
Spongebob – a yellow lab would be sure to get some chuckles out of this name.
Sneezy – a great name for a dog who sneezes a whole lot.
Tootsie – a great name for chocolate labs.
Vader – this name is great for a black Labrador, or for any of you Star Wars lovers.
Yoda – if you have two sets of labs, it would be quite funny if one of them was named “Vader” and the other “Yoda.”
Whiskey – many give this name to either a chocolate lab, or a Golden Labrador.
Whoopi – name your lab after Whoopi Goldberg. This is a funny name for a dog.
Yagermeister – named after the alcoholic drink, this is a very funny, yet cool name to give a Labrador.

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