Female Labrador Retriever Names

The Labrador Retriever, one of several kinds of retrievers, is a type of gun dog. It is one of the most popular breeds in Canada, the UK and the US since 1991. The original purpose of the breed was for retrieving fishing nets. However, it became one of the most popular assistance dog breeds for the police force and other official bodies for their detection and working abilities. They are usually very athletic. They love to swim, run and play games especially with children.

The Labrador Retriever is known for its intelligence, warm affection to owners and undying devotion to any task. They usually have very gentle temperament besides being one of the most intelligent breeds. With so many great qualities, it’s no wonder many have settled on a Labrador Retriever. One of the first steps after getting a puppy is picking a great name. Here is a list of possible female names and their meanings.

Adele – Noble and Kind. For Labs that are pleasure to have around.

Aimee – Beloved. She will love you back as much as you love her.

Alice – Truth. Can always trust this one and she will hide nothing from you.

Buttercup – Golden yellow flowers and endearment. Great name for a Yellow Labrador Retriever.

Cassie – Luck. She will be your lucky charm and always bring happiness to your life.

Celeste – Heavenly, Warmth. Sweetest dog that is heavenly to be living with.

Daisy – Day’s eye. She will love you forever.

Goldie – Gold. With her beautiful golden color, she will brighten up your life each day. Perfect name for a Yellow Labrador Retriever.

Holly – Bringer of good luck. It is a very charming name for a female Labrador puppy. She will always bring luck and charm to your life.

Honey – Sweet. She is just too sweet for words.

Jenna – Small bird. She wake you up in the morning with a dawn chorus.

Jodie – Admired and praised. You will be with this beauty on the end of your leash.

Kayla – Pure maiden. This girl Labrador dog will be as happy as the day is long, innocent and playful.

Lady – This lady will grace your home with her presence.

Maisie – Pearl. She will be a rare thing of beauty when she comes out of her shell.

Matilda – Brave little maid. She will look after you, even if she’s a little nervous herself.

Sabrina – Princess. She will be the apple of your eye.

Simone – “heard by the Lord”

Tootsie – This girl will keep you young at heart.

Valentine – She will melt your heart and you’ll love her forever.


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