English Labrador Breeders

English Labrador Retrievers tend to be the “show breed” of Labradors and for that reason breeders of these animals put in a great deal of effort to breed dogs that will meet the scrutinous eye of competition. English Lab breeders aim to breed labs that usually have shorter legs and larger bodies than the American Labrador alternative.

Established English Labrador breeders treat their trade as a very serious business. They carefully choose specimen based on genetic family and competition history, all in order try to find animals that do not have flaws that would detract from competition value. Breeders of show dogs spend a great deal of time listing their qualifications, associations, clubs and competitions that their animals have won in order to appeal to prospective clients. The various clubs are intended not only to increase prestige, but communicate a guarantee to prospective buyers that the animals they breed meet a high standard.

Some breeders of English Labradors are admittedly less focused on meeting qualifications and breed simply for the love of the English Labrador. Operations such as these can often be characterized by having their dogs living in the home environment, and not in kennels. While still a member of certain associations and dog clubs, these small breeding operations often cannot offer the same guarantees of flawlessness that are seen from more established breeders.

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