Cost of a Labradoodle

The Labradoodle is the result of cross bred between a poodle and a Labrador. It was first produced in Australia and came to the United States in 2005. Because of its characteristics and appearance, it was very popular among families and especially families with children. Also, it sheds mildly, making it hypoallergenic therefore, people who have dog hair allergies love Labradoodles. Both the poodle and Labrador’s intelligence made Labradoodles one of the easiest to train. The Labradoodle is an energetic, fun and loyal dog.

Now, are you interested in getting a Labradoodle? But, do you know how much it cost for a Labradoodle? You may find Labradoodles for $500 or less on newspapers and on internet. However, you may also find ones that costs around $1500-2500 too. Labradoodle prices all depend on the quality of the Labradoodle. Just like anything you buy from a store from someone, Labradoodles varies in quality and price. When getting a dog, you may find some that are very cheap or you can even get it for free if you adopt one. However, usually the cheap or free dogs give uncertainty in many ways. The health of the dog’s parents is usually unknown and this can result in buying an unhealthy dog that can possibly die within a month. Also, if it suffers in great pain of whatever disease, it will result in heavy expenses on surgeries and medicines. For example, if the dog that you bought for a very cheap price turn out to have a hip dysplasia, it will need a hip replacements, which can easily cost around $2000-$3000. Therefore, to avoid this problem, getting a good breed and maybe even testing them out will prevent you from buying unhealthy dog. Therefore, the huge difference between the inexpensive dog and an expensive dog is the level of risk you accept. A good breeder should do his or her job well by buying healthy and tested breeding line, continuing with genetic testing of their dogs, feeding high quality food and hand-raising the puppies. If the breeder goes through all these processes, it is obvious for them to charge more than the ones that don’t. Moreover, good breeders will follow through with life time support for the puppies they breed.

On top of the basic costs of breeding well, there are extra costs depending on the type of the dog. Sometimes, because of size considerations, female dog needs to go through insemination which costs around $200-$600. Also, most breeders go through different expensive breeding programs to maintain the required genetic diversity. Sometimes the breeders use studs belonging to another breeder which they need to pay a stud fee that is around $1500 to $5000. This show how expensive it is to attempt a pregnancy and the breeders also take a risk of a complete loss if a female does not become pregnant. You can get a Labradoodle for a cheap price but you take the risk of possibly getting an unhealthy Labradoodle or you can pay more and get a guaranteed healthy Labradoodle from a great breeder.

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