Basic Puppy Needs

When you bring your new puppy home you will need to have a few basic needs taken care of:


  1. Bed – Your puppy will need a comfortable bed in a draught free area. This does not need to be anything expensive. In fact, a cardboard box which is slightly larger than your puppy will do just find. One side would need to be cut out in order to enter and exit. It would need to be comfortably padded and a water proof cover would be a good idea. When the box is soiled or chewed on and as the puppy grows just get a larger box. Don’t invest in something expensive as a new puppy will only chew and urinate on it.
  2. Water Dish and Food Bowl – The puppy needs his own dishes and these need to stay clean at all times. These need to be unbreakable. I have also read that they should not be plastic as these will make a Lab’s eyes water. (I don’t know this for a fact since I have never used plastic) If you choose too large a water dish for a Lab puppy you will be constantly cleaning up water as they see it as a swimming opportunity and will work until all the water is on the floor.
  3. Toys -Spoil a Labrador puppy with all kinds of toys. They love to chew and the more toys they have the less often they will go for more valuable things. Balls must be too large to swallow. Rawhide chews are great as they give hours of chewable pleasure. Chew toys need to be made especially for dogs and contain no sharp edges and should not be made of anything that can be chewed up and swallowed.
  4. Good quality food made especially for puppies. (Puppy food and the ideal Labrador puppy weight will be discussed in more detail later)


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