About the Labrador Retriever Coat


Labradors are special for their intelligence, keenness, temperament and appearance. Many people are fond of Labradors because of their coat. They are a double-coated breed. In other words, they have two layers of hair. The outer coat, or layer, is usually short, thick, straight, and rough in texture. The coat beneath that one protects labs from cold weather, hard surfaces and water. It is also soft and durable in all weather conditions. Because Labrador Retrievers are famous for being great hunting dogs and swimmers, their coat is at a great advantage for them to hunt and swim in most weather conditions. Furthermore, although Labradors have short hair, it is a common misconception that labs do not shed a lot. In actuality, they shed as much as the average dog. Many labs also have something called a “blow coat” twice a year that consists of extreme shedding. Due to Labradors being a breed adapted to the water environment, labs shed at the rate that they do. In addition, the top coat is water proof, while the under coat is thicker and meant for warmth. As a result, the under coat gets damaged from water and leads to many clumps of hair shedding around. A way to properly care for a lab’s shedding is not by bathing your lab a few times a week or constantly cutting his coat. The proper way to take care of this is by treating the damaged undercoat. Brushing your lab’s coat with a special brush meant for taking in dead hair is a great remedy for excessive shedding. There are also many products for sale these days that are meant for catching trimmed hair. The “Zoom Groom” is spoken about by many dog owners. This product is a natural rubber brush that gently takes away loosened dead hair. You may also go the old fashioned way by taking your dog to a groomer regularly. This is the best option if you lack the time and energy to groom your lab by yourself.

Moreover, Labradors come in the colors of Yellow, Black and Chocolate. Each color ahs its own style of shedding. Yellow Labrador Retrievers shed daily, all year. Black Labs do not shed on a regular basis, however they do experience the “blow coat” semiannually. Chocolate Labs are similar to Black Labs. If you do not groom your Labrador regularly, his shedding will increase. Also, many people get tempted to shave their lab’s hair off. However, this is definitely not a suggested approach because shaving causes the hair to grow out spiky, thick, and uneven. It will also cause lots of itching for your dog. Another suggestion is to groom your lab twice a week at a local self-service dog wash station. Overall, a Labrador Retriever’s coat requires the basic maintenance for shedding that most breeds require.

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