5 Most Popular Labrador Mixes


Labradors are extremely popular pets used for companionship along with many other things. Many pet owners are proud owners of pure Labradors. Labs have a lot of strong and valuable traits that not all breeds carry. Therefore, many breeders use labs to create a hybrid mix. Although there are many Labrador mixes out there, here is a description of the 5 most popular Labrador mixes.

One of the most popular Labrador Retriever mixes is with a Golden Retriever. The combination of the two breeds results in a Golden Labrador. There is a controversy over this name, however, because many people have the misconception that there is such a thing as a gold colored Labrador. Golden Retrievers may pass on their swimming skills on to their hybrid offspring, but there is no guarantee that this trait will be passed on. Also, a hybrid may turn out to look a lot like one parent while barely resembling another parent. This happens to be the case with many hybrids. The high intelligence of these two dogs will result in an extremely impressive puppy.

Another very popular lab hybrid is with a Poodle. This results in the production of a Labradoodle. Many people produce Labradoodles to have smart, gentle, and most importantly lightly shedding dogs. Labradoodles have the possibility of three types of coats: straight, wavy, curly, or wool-like. Many people rely on the fact that some of the coat types are good for those with allergy problems. Labradoodles are very strong in sensing their owner’s emotions. They are very loyal companions and have a strong intuitive sense. They also require lots of attention. Furthermore, Labradoodles make good hunting dogs because they have that strong trait passed on from the retriever side. People can get the best of both worlds with this hybrid.

A Chow and Labrador mix is also popular. Chows are quite popular dogs, but they have a reputation of being feisty. They might not make the best house pets, but they make wonderful guard dogs. Mixing a Chow with a lab controls the Chow’s feisty temper which will lead to having a good family and guard dog.

Also a popular mix is a Labrador with a Rottweiler; also know on as “Labrottie”. A Rottweiler is notorious for being great guard dogs and the opposite of being cuddly. Mixing a rot with a lab, however, can improve a Rottweiler’s coldness.

Lastly, another popular mix with a Labrador is when it is a hybrid with the Pointer. A Lab-Pointer’s purpose is for working and running. These dogs make great companions in addition to being wonderful running partners. Also, Pointers are hunting dogs in nature. Therefore, a Lab-Pointer will probably make a keen hunter because labs are known for being trained as good hunters also.

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