4 Famous Labrador Dogs

It comes to no surprise to discover that Labrador Retrievers are popular breeds among specific divisions. In addition to making great household pets, Labradors have contributed to so many aspects of society. Labradors are high in demand because they are so useful in many ways. They can be extremely loving and loyal, while having the capacity to be trained for highly advanced tasks. Not only are they the breed American families own, but there are some famous Labrador dogs in the realm of assistance dogs, police/rescue/detection dogs, political pets, and in fiction and media. Here is a list of 4 famous Labrador dogs that fall under one of the categories mentioned above.

Assistance dogs

Endal was a British service dog working for disabled ex-Royal Navy Chief Officer, Allen Parton, in the 1990s. He became famous for having the title of animal ambassador for service dogs. This Yellow Labrador won lots of recognition and awards for being the first dog to ride on the London Eye. He was also the first dog known to use an ATM machine. He was amazing in so many ways. He would retrieve items from shelves of a supermarket, load an empty washing machine and so much more. He truly was beyond amazing.

Police/Rescue/Detection dogs

Zanjeer was a detection dog who spotted weapons and ammunition used in 1993 Mumbai serial explosions. This lab helped detect 57 country-made bombs, 175 petrol bombs, 11 military bombs, 242 grenades, and 600 detonators. He was most known for his contribution to the police force for detecting 3,329 kg of RDX. Without Zanjeer’s contribution, the death toll would have skyrocketed to a very high number. His training in sniffing and detecting explosives definitely paid off. Many people owed their lives to Zanjeer for all he had done for their city.

Political Pets

Bill Clinton’s Chocolate Labrador, Buddy, was a very famous “first pet.” Although his life was quite short due to a car accident that killed him, Buddy made quite an impact in the nation. He was photographed many times with the Clintons and notorious for sometimes being a clever troublemaker. Buddy was named after Bill’s late great-uncle who was an influential person in his life

Fiction and Media

The American Labrador, Marley, from John Grogan’s best-seller, Marley & Me, has become a popular figure. The recent movie made based on Grogan’s book demonstrates Grogan’s life and experiences with Marley. The story reflects on the 13 years Grogan and his family shared with Marley. Marley makes an impressionable character because he is a cute, Yellow Lab that is almost impossible to train, but he has a golden heart.

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