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Christmas Is Coming - Where Should You Buy A Puppy?

Conscientious Labrador Retriever breeders produce only about 10% of the Labradors born in the United States each year. Most reputable breeders sell their puppies with a contract requiring that their puppies be spayed or neutered and most contracts require that the Labrador is to be returned to the breeder if the family can no longer keep the dog. The supply of well bred Labradors is well below the demand; therefore, there may be a waiting list. A well bred Labrador from one of these breeders does not usually possess the congenital health problems that mass produced Labradors often have.

Good breeders often make potential buyers pass a screen of tough questions. They want their puppies to go into loving and stable homes. If so few puppies are bred by these reputable breeders, why are there so many Labradors in shelters and euthanized everyday?

Many people are not willing to wait to buy a puppy from a good breeder and end up buying from a pet store, online, or from a backyard breeder. Too many people also impulsively purchase an adorable Labrador puppy from a pet store where absolutely no questions are asked. Money changes hands and the ill equipped owner walks out with the puppy.

Often that adorable Labrador is almost impossible to house train and will end up in the shelter looking for a new home. These puppies are not hard to house train due to lack of intelligence but as a result of the less than clean environments which are associated with the mass production of Labrador puppies by these backyard breeders. (What many people refer to as puppy mills)

Many times the active, sometimes destructive Labrador puppy is not quite what the new owner wanted and ends up in the shelter. They fail to realize that the cute little bundle of joy will grow to be a 75-90 pound often destructive older dog.

Sometimes the new owner, who is not obligated by a contract to neuter or spay the puppy, will end up with an unwanted litter of puppies and these will end up in a shelter.

Did you buy a pet store puppy because it was cheaper than a puppy from a good breeder? Not the case. Most pet store or backyard breeder puppies are just as expensive as a Labrador that is well bred. Higher prices drive the breeding of more and more puppies and eventually there are more puppies than the demand.

Buying your next Labrador from a responsible Labrador breeder or adopting a rescue Labrador are the two ways to stop the thousands of Labradors that end up in the rescues across this country every year.

If you plan to add a new Labrador to your family during Christmas please either help a homeless Labrador by adopting from a Labrador rescue or get on the waiting list with a reputable breeder. By boycotting the pet stores and backyard breeders the number of Labradors that are in shelters will greatly decrease.

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