Labrador Retriever Breeders in Wisconsin

Labrador Retrievers are given their name for a reason. “Retriever” means that these dogs are eager to please other people. If properly trained and cared for, labs have the potential of doing so many wonderful things that are special to their breed. Not all breeds have characteristics of being friendly, docile and family-oriented. Although the degree to which labs and all dogs have these characteristics depends on their environment, labs can surpass many other breeds in being loving, obedient creatures when socialized properly. To ensure that your lab can reach its full potential, find a breeder in your area that guarantees healthy parents, provides health records, proper socialization, maintains clean kennels, and raises well-tempered Labradors.

1) Thunder Labrador Retrievers

In the south of Wisconsin, TLR raises yellow, chocolate, and black labs. One of the benefits of getting a Labrador puppy from this breeder is that they guarantee healthy puppies. The hips, eyes, elbows, along with EIC and CNM are guaranteed by the breeder to have been checked often. Also, the breeders claim that they spend many hours socializing these puppies to be good around other dogs, people, and especially children. The labs are also under very good veterinary care. They have been checked for and have recordings for worms and vaccinations. The breeders guarantee that all their puppies come with a health record. Another great thing is that the kennels are disinfected on a regular basis. Therefore, you will not have to worry about having a dirty or sick lab. TLR focuses on breeding smart, attractive labs that are eager to retrieve. They also have Labradors who are gun dogs that are trained for hunting.

2) Fireside Labradors

Located in Cochrane, Wisconsin, Fireside’s Labrador Retrievers are beautiful, well-tempered English labs. Many of their dogs have excelled in competitions, hunting, and obedience trials. The Labradors at Fireside are truly functional in different ways. Some of them are service dogs for the disabled. They are very loving and gentle pets that do great in family settings. Their labs come in black, yellow, and chocolate coat colors. Moreover, they are very well socialized by being raised in the dining room near the whole family. The puppies each get individual attention on a daily basis. Furthermore, all of their puppies are sold with a spay/neuter contract and AKC limited registration. In relation to health, the puppies are bred from dogs with certified hips, elbows, and eyes. The puppies are also wormed and vaccinated for your convenience. The website goes into a lot more detail regarding the services provided for the puppies along with some pictures.