Labrador Retriever Breeders in Texas

Labrador Retrievers are very gentle, intelligent and family-friendly dogs. Although it is easy to get them, the important thing you always have to know is that it is best to get it from a good breeder. Finding a good breeder needs good research and often times can be a very difficult process. However, once you get your Labrador from a good breeder, you won’t have any further trouble with health or behavior issues with your dog. A good breeder cares about their dogs. Well, this is obvious but how can we get a proof of this?

You can search for a breeder online and kindly ask them if you can visit the kennel. Once you visit the kennel, make sure the dogs are in good condition and in a clean environment. Also, see if they are getting enough good quality food. Moreover, one more tip is to see if the dogs actually get excited or happy to see their owner (breeder). Now, let me save you some time by giving you a few Labrador Retriever breeders in Texas.

1) Silver Star Kennel

Silver Star Kennel specializes in breeding silver Labrador Retrievers. Their silver Labradors are healthy, beautiful, intelligent and very loving. Also, their Labradors are great family companions and also very outstanding bird dogs. They personally train all their dogs to be obedient and a great hunter by providing hunt test and gun dog training. Silver Star Kennel raises light silver, charcoal silver and silver-factored (chocolate, yellow and black) Labrador Retrievers. A silver-factored chocolate Labradors can produce silver puppies when bred back to silver Labradors. Male dogs here range from 80-100 lbs and females from 55-85 lbs. They offer a 26-month full health guarantee, including hip issues. They remove dew claws at 3 days old, worm at 2-4 weeks and Safeguard (Panicure) at 6 weeks. Also, their first round of shots are given at 6 weeks.

2) Great Expectations

Great Expectations have a solid Labrador Retriever breeding program producing quality puppies for field trials and hunt tests, bomb dogs, hunting dogs, conformation, obedience (rally, utility dog etc), therapy and the most beautiful family companions. Their programs are based on their 20 years of professional training experience. Many Labradors here have won high-end competitions to the national level. The Labrador training program is headed by experienced professionals that offer lessons, boarding, training and AKC CGC (Canine Good Citizens) testing

3) Silver Spring Kennel

Silver Spring Kennel is a small Labrador Retriever breeder dedicated to providing the highest quality companion Labrador Retrievers as possible. Though they specialize in raising best quality Silver and Charcoal Labradors, they also breed other Labradors too. All of their puppies are eligible for AKC registration and come with a written health and hip guarantee. Males usually range in size from 80-100 lbs. and females from 55-80 lbs. Puppies will have their dew claws removed, will have been wormed at 3-5 weeks and have their first shots at 6 weeks prior to leaving Silver Spring kennel.