Labrador Retriever Breeders in Michigan

In the present time and status of the world it may be difficult for many individuals to find a trustworthy seller, pet store, or even breeder. As Labs are generally beautiful dogs that are docile, loving, and loyal, purchasing a puppy from someone or some place that does not issue a gold set of rules or does not provide the proper care a young puppy needs can potentially pose problems later down your relationship with your puppy. The only way to ensure that your puppy is of top quality and received the correct socialization that a puppy needs at such a dire and essential age is to purchase a puppy that is from a breeder.

. Not any breeder, but a breeder that holds only the highest quality standards for all of the puppies. Here are some of the breeders within the state of Michigan we feel as if checks off all necessary requirements that a healthy and happy puppy needs.

1) Old Squak Kennels

Old Squak Kennels, established in 1969 has had numerous Labs that have been successful competitors and winners in an assortment of national competitions and awards. The Old Squak Kennel is a group that excels at providing owners with only the highest quality Labs that are of champion lineage. Their hallmark intelligence, companionship, and overall desire to please are a well-known trademark of the Old Squak kennels. Furthermore, the Old Squak Kennel guarantees for 26 months that all breeds from the kennel are healthy and have passed all the OFA, CERF, and CNM health clearances that most dog breeders don't even attempt to check. Most recently they have had one of their puppies claimed to be the National High Point Derby Dog of 2010, a prestigious award only given to the highest quality dogs.

2) Brook Stone Labs

For over 20 years, the puppies that have come from Brook Stone Labs is enough to put any dog owner or breeder in complete awe. As each of the puppies is AKC standardized from wet nose to tail, the people at Brook Stone Labs put pride into their puppies which is demonstrated through their guarantees and overall training techniques to help raise a healthy Lab that is socialized and ready to interact with the world around them. Focusing primarily around English-style Labrador Retrievers, the Brook Stone Labs register all dogs which then undergo training for their temperament as well as overall ability. Furthermore, the breeders go one step above the rest and provide a confirmation that all puppies are OFA hip and CERF elbow clear-eyed as well as crystal clear vision. They back all of these guarantees for up to one year after purchase of your new loving companion.