Labrador Retriever Breeders in Maine

As a resident of the state of Maine, you should know that there are many efficient and trustworthy breeders in your surrounding area. A dependable breeder consists of someone who is honest, caring, and not greedy. Some breeders simply care about the money in their pocket. This type of breeder neglects the needs of the puppies as well as the needs and expectations of the buyers. Many kennels breed dogs without checking the genetics, and at times, they ignorantly raise the puppies in harsh environments. Therefore, it is very important to find a kennel which has breeders who actually have a love for dogs and for making you, the buyer, happy. There are many key elements that a good breeder must have in order to be trusted. Here are a few examples of kennels which are dedicated to raising healthy and well socialized Labrador Retrievers.

1) Mallard Point Kennels

Perhaps you are looking for a Labrador Retriever who was produced by a family-owned kennel. If this is true, you must visit Mallard Point Kennels in Pownal, Maine. The Rankins family is consists of six people who run this kennel in their home. They have great a passion for Labradors along with many years of breeding experience. The puppies are very well socialized because they interact with the children all day long. The puppies sometimes sleep in the same bed as the kids and play with them throughout the day. Due to this, these labs are perfect for the family setting. Furthermore, some of the labs have hunting experience with Mr. Rankins. Therefore, these dogs seem perfect for making loving pets and hunting dogs at the same time. This kennel is also extremely reliable in the sense that they provide medical records such as health clearances, OFA hip certification, and eye certification. A good kennel should always provide this information for potential buyers. Another great thing about this kennel is that their puppies are sold with A.K.C limited registration. If you are thinking about visiting Mallard Point Kennels, note that it is by appointment only. The phone number is (207)688-4449.

2) Birchwood Labrador Retrievers

Located in Dexter, Maine, Birchwood’s main goal is to produce healthy, structured, and well-tempered and socialized labs that can make loving companions. They make sure to follow the A.K.C. breed standards. All of their breeding stock has had their eyes and OFA hip/elbow clearances done by a professional Veterinary Ophthalmologist. They also focus on producing Labradors that will make good hunting partners. Furthermore, the Birchwood team extensively checks the health of their puppies before sending them off to their new home. In addition to making great companions, many of their dogs are in service work, obedience, therapy work, presented in conformation shows, and hunting. You should definitely check out their website because there are many photos of puppies to choose from. There are also pictures of the male and female dogs that are bred.