Labrador Retriever Breeders in Illinois

Over the course of the years people have slowly switched from breeding their own dogs, to buying dogs at the pet store. Many individuals have found that breeding their own dogs is difficult, time consuming, and ultimately a hassle. However, switching to purchasing a puppy at the pet store is not as simple and perfect as many had hoped. Lack of love, dirty cages, and overall lower quality of living pet stores are not necessarily or always the best option when considering a puppy to purchase, especially Labradors as the breed is heavily reliant on its lineage. Therefore, one of the best options for owners who are worried about the overall care and quality of many pet stores may wish to opt for a breeder. In the state of Illinois there are tons of breeders that ensure the highest quality Labs within the area. No more having to trust shady pet stores, breed your own puppies, or worry about where or how your new Lab will be, as these breeders take Labradors to the next level.

1) Big Bear Kennel

Originally formed in 1988 with their first chocolate lab named Bear, the group of breeders at Big Bear Kennels loves to showcase top notch labs from champion lineage. The Big Bear Kennel having such a long time of experience claims to execute the overall quality and temperament of Labs perfectly. They even offer extra assistance and training to those owners who are not necessarily as experience or may be having a difficult time. As with all puppies purchased from Big Bear Kennels, they guarantee that their breed is pure, registered with the AKC, and is free of hip dysplasia and eyes that are clear of hereditary defects. Overall, the people and breeders at Big Bear Kennel guarantee a healthy and loving Lab that will accompany you and make you happy for many years to come.

2) Carriage Hill Kennels

One of the original as well as oldest dog breeders for labs within the state, Carriage Hill Kennels is an excellent example of a family run business that is legitimate and exercises excellent concern for their name, reputation, and overall quality of puppy Labs. The people at Carriage Hill Kennels have over 50 years of experience, as the kennel was originally found in 1961 by two individuals who had passed it down to their children to run. Carriage Hills Kennels having so much experience has been sought as one of the best within the state. Providing Pet Care Services Association and National Dog Groomers Association of America Code of Ethics standards of training, the people at Carriage Hill Kennels, care and ensure that you will love your puppy as it will be your companion for a long time.